Children, Youth & Families

We believe that all children, regardless of the circumstances of their birth, deserve opportunities to thrive. We support efforts that equip children, youth, and families with skills, resources, and opportunities to reach their full potential.

Children, Youth & Families

We prioritize:

  • Programs supporting equity-deserving youth
  • Efforts to target root causes of problems and not just address the symptoms
  • Comprehensive, integrated solutions rather than fragmented approaches or isolated interventions
  • Leadership representative of the people most directly affected by the problems we seek to solve
  • A commitment and willingness to ongoing evaluation and learning in order to improve and increase impact

Our grants empower organizations that enable economically vulnerable young people and families to overcome barriers to academic success, economic prosperity, and health and wellbeing.

Grant Types

It’s up to you to determine what type of grant to apply for. The Peter Gilgan Foundation accepts applications for three types of grants:

Eligibility Guidelines

To be eligible to apply for funding, your organization must:

  • Employ at least one paid staff member
  • Have completed a tax return or financial audit for the previous fiscal year
  • Have not submitted an unsuccessful Expression of Interest or Full Application to the Peter Gilgan Foundation in the past 12 months

We do not accept applications for:

  • Capital campaigns
  • Emergency relief
  • Endowments
  • Fundraising drives
  • Fundraising events or galas
  • Government services
  • Grantmaking intermediaries 
  • Individuals
  • Scholarships