Indigenous Youth

While we welcome applications for projects that serve Indigenous youth across our Children, Youth & Families funding themes, we also seek to provide flexible support to Indigenous-led organizations serving Indigenous youth.

About the Program

As part of our commitment to reconciliation with Indigenous peoples in Canada, the Peter Gilgan Foundation has dedicated funds to reducing barriers and uplifting opportunities and wellbeing for Indigenous young people.  

We seek to support Indigenous-led organizations that are meeting the holistic needs of Indigenous youth in the areas of: 

  • Housing & safe spaces 
  • Health & healing 
  • Education & knowledge 
  • Economic opportunity & building capacity 
  • Food security & sovereignty 

Grant Types

Funding is available as both project grants and general operating grants. Registered charities and qualified donees are welcome to apply for either type of grant depending on what would best suit the needs of the organization. Non-qualified donees are only eligible to apply for project grant funding at this time. All Indigenous Youth grants are single-year commitments.

Eligibility and Deadlines

We welcome applications from Indigenous-led organizations that are: 

  • Registered charities 
  • Qualified donees 
  • Nonprofit entities that fall under the non-qualified donee classification outlined by the Canada Revenue Agency 

All applicants are eligible to apply for a maximum of 10% of their organization’s annual revenue up to $50,000.

Priority will be given to: 

  • Projects and organizations that address multiple areas of need in an integrated way 
  • Organizations serving Indigenous youth in rural and remote communities 
  • Organizations that are community-based and culturally-informed 

We do not accept applications for: 

  • Capital campaigns 
  • Emergency relief 
  • Endowments 
  • Fundraising drives or events 
  • Government services
  • Individuals
  • Scholarships or bursaries

There is no application deadline, you can apply at any time. However, if you have submitted an unsuccessful application to the Peter Gilgan Foundation, please wait at least 12 months before reapplying.   

How to Apply

The Indigenous Youth Grant Program has a single-round application process. To apply, first create an account on our online application portal, then complete the application form which consists of a variety of short and long answer questions. You can save your answers right in your account and pick up where you left off should you need to pause your work.  

Once you have completed all application tasks, including attaching requested financial documents, please select the “submit” button. We accept applications for the Indigenous Youth Grant Program on a rolling basis, there is no application deadline.  

Foundation staff may reach out to request a virtual or in-person meeting at your convenience as part of our application review process. You will be notified about the outcome of your application within approximately 8 to 12 weeks.

If you have any questions regarding the Indigenous Youth Grant Program or the application process, please don’t hesitate to contact us at