Our Grant Programs

The Peter Gilgan Foundation’s Grant Programs proudly support Canadian organizations that share our vision. Learn about our funding priorities, grant types, and how to apply below.

Grant Program Basics

What We Fund

Our Grant Programs provide funding in four priority areas. We empower initiatives that are building a more prosperous and sustainable future, both in Canada and around the world.

Priority Areas

  • Children, Youth & Families
  • Indigenous Youth
  • Climate Change
  • International Development

Turning Ideas into Impact

We respect every organization’s singularity and aim to offer a range of grant types to meet their different needs.

Each year we award several single year grants, and we’re also proud to have longer-term partnerships with a number of organizations.

All of our partners are achieving important work. We’re so humbled to play a part in their impact.

Luke Gilgan with 2019 Tour de Bleu participants at finish line

“Aligning with partners behind a common vision and funding their action is when excitement and passion for positive change is truly ignited.”

Luke Gilgan, Board Director

Children, Youth & Families

We believe that all children, regardless of the circumstances of their birth, deserve opportunities to thrive. We support efforts that equip children, youth, and families with skills, resources, and opportunities to reach their full potential.

Funding Themes

  1. Education & Economic Opportunities
  2. Children & Youth Mental Health
  3. Food Security & Systems
  4. Indigenous Youth

Indigenous Youth

While we welcome applications for projects that serve Indigenous youth across our Children, Youth & Families funding themes, we also seek to provide flexible support to Indigenous-led organizations serving Indigenous youth.

Funding Themes

  1. Housing & Safe Spaces
  2. Health & Healing
  3. Education & Knowledge
  4. Economic Opportunity & Building Capacity
  5. Food Security & Sovereignty

Climate Change

We believe that combating the climate emergency is both an absolute necessity and an enormous opportunity for economic growth. We want to help halt and reverse the effects of climate change, build a green economy, and strengthen community resilience.

Funding Themes

  1. Low-Emission & Renewable Technologies
  2. Nature-based Solutions
  3. Green Building & Living
  4. Community Resilience

International Development

In addition to empowering positive impact for ‘Children, Youth & Families’ and ‘Climate Change’ across Canada, we hope to do the same in developing countries, with a focus on sub-Saharan Africa. We look for partner organizations with a proven track record of success in effecting positive changes and deep connections with the communities they seek to serve.

Funding Themes

  1. Maternal & Child Health
  2. Education & Economic Opportunities for Women & Girls